Club Rules


Club Rules

  • Use of Club and Facilities is for Members Only
  • Keep gates locked
  • Keep grounds and ponds trash free
  • Obey all Ohio Hunting Laws
  • Obey Posted Fish Limits (see below)
  • No driving around ponds
  • No gas motors on the ponds; electric trolling only
  • Traphouses cannot be used (Except during events)
  • Practice trap shooting use rifle range
  • No table or chairs can be borrowed from the Clubhouse
  • Clubhouse and Shelter House areas can be rented.
    If interested, contact any officer or trustee, or call the Club: 419.523.6383

Rifle Range Rules


  • Members only.
  • Must be 16 years old or accompanied by an adult.
  • Keep range free of trash and spent cartridges; clean up when finished.
  • No out of control rapid fire shooting.
  • No fully automatic weapons used without club officer or trustee present.
  • No shooting at bottles, cans, etc. Paper targets only.
  • No shooting into post or frames, place targets in center of boards.
  • No shooting above bunkers.
  • No shooting into ground.
  • Shoot in the target area only. The target area is 12" above the ground and 6" below the top of the frame.
  • Violators will lose their membership and may be prosecuted.

 Bow Range Rules

  • Shoot only at bag targets or sand pits.
  • No shooting broad heads into bag targets.
  • Only bows and crossbows are to be used on the BOW RANGE.

 Fish Limits

  • 10 Fish per day per member.
  • Limit of 5 of any one species.

 Fish Lengths

  • Bluegill - 5" or larger
  • Perch - 7" or larger
  • Crappie - 8" or larger
  • Bass - 15" or larger
  • Walleye - 15" or larger
  • Trout - 15' or larger
  • Catfish - 15" or larger
  • We encourage catch and release.

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